Snowman Wall of Fame 2019

snowman contest 2019

Here are the latest snowmen to enter the 3rd annual Snowman Contest 2019.

Her name is “Daisy May” and she was made by the children at Childrens Place Learning Centre (in Antigonish). She is 100% hand made by paper mache. 
His name is Frosty and he is waiting for some spring flowers to pop up. Submitted by the Macfarlane family (Antigonish).
Spring Snowbunny submitted by Darlene Van Oirschot.
Spring ball cap snowman submitted by the Vaughn family.
Snowmen family submitted by the Corkum family (St. Andrews). This is their ‘Snow Family Goes to the Beach to Look for Treasures’. “They are on the sand with their little son who also likes to dab! Sun protection is also important! Beach combing in the spring is something we like to do as a family to see what the ocean has tossed up after the winter”.
‘Building a snowman on a spring-like day’ submitted by the Bell family.
Irish snowman submitted by Catherine Sorrey
Ronald and Finlay enjoying their #readyforspringtocome snowman!
Shawnn and Flynn with their sweet Spring snowmen cookies!
Kennedy and Hallie Rose with their sweet Spring snowmen treats!
St. Peters’ Richmond Villa residents along with recreational director Karen Budden, recreation worker Martha and volunteer Paula, created these wonderful spring snowmen for the contest – “The residents had such an awesome afternoon with this project, which are currently displayed in the great Room for everyone to see.”
Bria sharing her sunglasses with her spring snowman.
“A Springy Birthday” by Lilien Gilham
“Spring friends” by Franky Gilham
Wood Ridge Spring Blossom snowman submitted by Johnny MacIsaac

Identifying Animal Tracks

dog tracks


Visible animal tracks on fresh snow are a sweet reminder of warmer days to come.

Identifying animal tracks can be tricky, but still a fun activity to do with kids on the last months of winter as we are looking forward to spring.



Snowshoe hare tracks are easy to spot, especially early in the morning. Look for oval shaped four-print patterns.rabbit tracks 2


Ruffed grouse tracks are pretty distinctive and easy to identify, three toes in the front and one in the back.

grouse tracksgrouse

You can even tell when animals have crossed paths…

rabbit and grouse

Red squirrel and chipmunk tracks are common as well. The prints are located side by side.

squirrelred-squirrel 2

Fisher tracks are less commonly encountered, but can easily be identified by their alignment. The prints appear in pairs, like all members of the weasel family.

fisher tracksFisher

Geese tracks are always a pleasant surprise. Some geese choose not to migrate during winter, as long as there is open water nearby.

duck trackscanada-geese

Identifying tracks is a fun winter activity for kids and adults.

Follow the tracks and see where they take you 🙂


Looking forward to Spring!



2nd Annual Snowman Contest 2018



Join in on the fun with the 2nd Annual Snowman Contest! A little something to keep your spirits up while looking ahead to all the snowmageddons and consequent snow days we will be getting this winter.




January 18 is the official World Day of the Snowman. So get your mitts ready and celebrate this day by making your own wonderful snowman, then enter the draw below for a chance to win great prizes!

…and have your snowman featured on the Snowman Wall of Fame 2018.

The snowmen will not be judged – because we believe that all snowmen are awesome in their own unique way. Instead, we will draw the names of 3 lucky winners.


To Enter the Draw:

1. BUILD a snowman between January 18 and March 31, 2018. The THEME is Nova Scotia.
The snowman can be traditional (made with real snow) or of any variety (drawing, cookies, craft). Anything goes! The snowman can be built by individuals or groups. Make it a collective effort! Include your family, business, organizations, club, school, youth group, non-profit or sports team.

2. SUBMIT your snowman photo* by email to by March 31, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  Email must include “Snowman Contest” in the subject line. You and your family, or friends can be in the picture too! NOTE: Photos might be features in the SNOWMAN WALL OF FAME 2018. Participants names will not be included in photo descriptions if requested.

3. LIKE & FOLLOW the Country Parent FACEBOOK PAGE !


And to increase your chances for winning…

Get up to 6 additional entries!

Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, below.
2. Share this post (through Facebook and/or Tweet)
3. Follow @countryparent on INSTAGRAM
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6. Sign up with Country Parent for a weekly blog post – this also helps us contact you directly if you win, especially if you do not use social media

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This draw is open to Nova Scotia residents only and will take place March 31 at 5:00pm EST.

The lucky winners will be announced on the Country Parent Facebook page and contacted by email (with 24 hours to respond).


Draw Prizes Include:

♦ $25 gift card for Tim Horton’s

♦ $25 gift card for Cineplex

♦ $25 gift card for Subway


Good Luck!


Click HERE to view the Snowman Wall of Fame 2018, where all the participating snowmen are featured!

The 2nd Annual Snowman Contest 2018 is supported by




*Disclaimer: By entering the contest, you hereby authorize and consent to the use of your photographs, in connection with this website and other websites, newspaper stories, social media, and other types of publicity through Country Parent and its affiliates.

Snowman Wall of Fame 2018

Snowman NS Country Parent

Welcome to the Snowman Wall of Fame 2018!


Grab some hot chocolate and browse through the wonderful creations submitted to the 2nd Annual Snowman Contest.



Click on the images below to get the full pictures and the details on the snowmen.

Click HERE to find out how to submit your own snowman picture for a chance to win prizes!


The 2nd Annual Snowman Contest is supported by


To browse through more pictures scroll down the post!


snowman 1

Maleigha made this upside down snowman. Got flipped over by the strong Nova Scotia winds!


Snowman 2 Country Parent

Mama Snowman and her baby


Johnny Miles snowman

Johnny Miles running snowman


Chillin’ Highland Snowman


snowman 4 country parent

Donna made a melted beads snowman, Guysborough


snowman 3 Country Parent

Cohen and Sherry made a Tartan proud snow-person representing Cape Breton!


snowman 7 country parent

Bridget’s NS version of Scotland’s “Nessie”, a snow Loch Ness Monster


snowman 5b country parent

Paris, Sophia, Julia and Sophie. Julia is an international student visiting from Brazil. This was her first time building a snowman!


snowman 8 country parent

Finlay and Ronald with their happy family snowman.


snowman 9 country parent

Samantha & Sabrina built this snowman: Mary, with her baby Patti snuggled in a toque.



snowman 10 country parent

Madeline built this adorable little snowman in Sydney.


snowman 11 country parent

The Blais’ family “little” snowman


St Joseph's 4H snowman 12 country parent

St. Joseph’s 4H Club members with their beautiful snowmen masks!


snowman 13 country parent 3D yarn snowman

snowman 13b country parent

Frosty the illuminated 3D yarn snowman!


snowman 15 country parent

Catherine and Emily (pictured) built their family! The youngest is sitting on her Daddy’s head 😊


snowman 14 country parent

Ellie and Jack with their snowman!


snowman contest 16 country parent

Lillian’s and her grand daughter’s adorable snowman, Hants County


snowman 17 country parent

Madison and her beautiful snowman Gregg!


snowman 19b country parent

snowman 19c country parent

snowman 19 country parent

Jacqueline’s adorable tin snowmen from Cape Breton.


snowman 18 country parent

snowman 18 country parent

snowman 18c country parent

This magnificent snowdragon was built by the Pinch family: Matthew, Stacey, Sylar and Dalton. The snow creature, built in three days, was inspired by Autism Nova Scotia who set up a program for Dungeons & Dragons to help people with autism work on their social skills.


snowman 20 country parent

Lucas and his two wonderful snowman friends!


snowman 21 country parent

Gina’s adorable spare sock snowman.


snowman 22 country parent

Nora’s take on a traditional summer treat with a snowman twist: the Snowsmore!


snowman 23 country parent

A worried snowman and an angry snowman made by Donavan and Keagan Gillis in their Lapland 4-H club!


snowman 24 country parent

A Nova Scotia snowduck


snowman 25 country parent


snowman 25b country parent

A Nova Scotia snowshark


snowman 26 country parent

snowman 26c country parent

snowman 26b country parent

Bridget (from Bayfield) and Buckie (from Afton) made a colourful snowman family!


snowman 27 country parent

Ronda Boudreau who loves snow made these two snowmen!


snowman 28 country parent

A beautiful Nova Scotia snowman dreaming of sand and sun!


snowman 30 country parent

Lauchie, Duncan and Adrienne with their happy hockey player snowman!


snowman 29 country parent

A lovely tall snowman and his friends.


snowman 33 country parent

Sheila’s beautiful tartan snowman!



snowman 31 country parent

Abby’s colourful SnowFish!



snowman 32 country parent

Lauchlin, Jack and Sophie from Afton built a StFX Xmen Snowman. They’re cheering for the XmenHockey team who are in Fredericton competing for the AUS cup. Go X Go!



Dani and the snowman she made in her backyard.


snowman 36 country parent

Snowsisters built by Isla and Harrison.


snowmna 35 country parent

Lucy’s Easter snowbunny hopping over to wish you a hoppy day!


snowman country parent

Matthew with his lovely colorful snowman!


snowman b country parent

Lucille’s ‘Upside down kinda day in Antigonish’ snowman!


snowman 37 country parent

Owen’s little snowmen – small but mighty!


snowman 38 country parent

Daniel and Thomas’ beautiful snowmen “Edith and Marjorie”!


snowman 39 country parent

Cecy’s beautiful snowman!


snowman 40 country parent

Happy tall snowman and his friends 🙂


snowman 41 country parent

Scarlett’s 1st Snowman!


snowman 43 country parent

A wonderful recycled tire snowman!


snowman 42 country parent

Livia’s mini-snowman built with very limited amount of snow!


snowman 44 country parent

Jeff and Kylee made this snowman. The snowman is sad cause he will be leaving soon (but will be back next year).


snowman 46 country parent

snowman 45 country parent

snowman 45b country parent

snowman 46b country parent

Havre Boucher 4-H Club had a great time building 3 snowmen and a fire!


snowman 47 country parent

Huggable snowman and his friends.



Click HERE to find out how you can submit your snowman picture for a chance to win prizes!


Best Snowman Contest Winners


The Best Snowman Contest has come to an end!

A big round of applause to ALL the participants. They did an EXCELLENT job!




The Antigonish Snowman Wall of Fame 2017 looks amazing!

snowman wall 3


However, we did have to pick 3 winners, and here they are:


1st place winner:

The Sampson family with their 13.5 foot tall snowman! Janko, Alison, Heni and Anika built ‘Frosty the III’. Her hat is a garbage can with a plywood brim. Her eyes, mouth and buttons are painted plywood, her nose is a pylon and her scarf was custom made by Anja Sampson.

Frosty the IIICongratulations Sampson family! You won a $50.00 gift certificate generously donated by the Justamere Cafe & Bistro.


justamere inside


2nd place winner:

Cohen MacLean and his snowmen Olaf, Frosty and Snowflake!

Cohen MacLeanCongratulations Cohen! You won the Star Wars BB8 foam sled generously donated by the Antigonish Canadian Tire, retail value of $34.99.

BB8 sledcanadian tire


3rd place winners:

Crystal’s after-school program friends and their snowman ‘Big Jim’. Great team work!

Crystal after school program

Congratulations! You won a large size pepperoni pizza, generously donated by Snappy Tomato in Antigonish.

snappy tomato logo 1snappy tomato 2



“A huge THANK YOU to the local businesses who donated the prizes for the contest!”