Identifying Animal Tracks

dog tracks


Visible animal tracks on fresh snow are a sweet reminder of warmer days to come.

Identifying animal tracks can be tricky, but still a fun activity to do with kids on the last months of winter as we are looking forward to spring.



Snowshoe hare tracks are easy to spot, especially early in the morning. Look for oval shaped four-print patterns.rabbit tracks 2


Ruffed grouse tracks are pretty distinctive and easy to identify, three toes in the front and one in the back.

grouse tracksgrouse

You can even tell when animals have crossed paths…

rabbit and grouse

Red squirrel and chipmunk tracks are common as well. The prints are located side by side.

squirrelred-squirrel 2

Fisher tracks are less commonly encountered, but can easily be identified by their alignment. The prints appear in pairs, like all members of the weasel family.

fisher tracksFisher

Geese tracks are always a pleasant surprise. Some geese choose not to migrate during winter, as long as there is open water nearby.

duck trackscanada-geese

Identifying tracks is a fun winter activity for kids and adults.

Follow the tracks and see where they take you 🙂


Looking forward to Spring!