Chocolate Daddy Long-legs Decorations

halloween chocolate spider country parent 4 copy 2


Interested in making your Halloween drinks a little bit creepier?

Dress up your hot chocolate or other drinks with these fun decorations sure to impress your little ones. Try this super easy method to make chocolate daddy long-legs and spiderweb decorations.



♦ dark chocolate chips

♦ squeeze bottle

♦ wax paper

♦ mug

♦ hot chocolate



♦ Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or double boiler

♦ Mold a piece of wax paper to the rim of the mug

♦ Add the melted chocolate in the squeeze bottle

♦ Create the daddy long-legs spider by making a circle of chocolate in the center of the wax paper, then filling it in with more chocolate to create the body.

♦ Add 4 legs to each side of the body. Make sure that the spider legs fold over the edge of the mug, so that they are hugging the rim. This will allow for the spider to stay in place on top of the mug.

♦ Finally, add the candy googly eyes on the spider.


halloween chocolate spider country parent 1 copy

halloween chocolate spider country parent 5 copy

halloween chocolate spider country parent 2 copy


♦ Refrigerate for 5 minutes, or until the chocolate hardens

♦ Carefully detach the spider from the wax paper

♦ Place hot chocolate in mug and add the chocolate spider on top.


halloween chocolate spider country parent 4 copy

Feeling creative?

Using the same technique, create other designs, like this white chocolate spiderweb.

chocolate spiderweb countryparent 1 copy

chocolate spiderweb countryparent 2 copy

chocolate spiderweb countryparent 4 copy


or bats and even simple words…

halloween chocolate mug decorations 2


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chocolate daddy long-legs pin

Pumpkin Carving Contest Photos 2018

pumpkin contest antigonish country parent


Did you submit your carved Halloween pumpkin photo yet?

Enter the contest for a chance to win great prizes by The Wheel, DQ, Subway, Pita Pit  and Goji’s!


Take a look at these wonderful creations for some inspiration.



pumpkin 1

Green glowing pumpkin by Sherry & Cohen MacLean


macfuel-with-border ad


pumpkin 2

Patches, all ready for his dentist appointment! by Katie MacDonald


pumpkin 3

Werewolf pumpkin by Katie MacDonald


keltic ford antigonish ad



pumpkin 4

Toronto Maple Leaf pumpkin by the Bell family


pumpkin 5

Angry pumpkin by Danny Hunter




pumpkin 6

Ghost pumpkin by Mackenzie Gormley


pumpkin 7

Ghost pumpkin and Jack-o-lantern by Mackenzie Gormley


pumpkin 8

Jack-o-lantern and Carrot pumpkin by the Bouchie family


Kim Siver Re/Max realtor

pumpkin 9

Cat pumpkin by Emily Spears.


pumpkin 10

Creepy glowing pumpkin by Azel Noceja.


pumpkin 11

Happy pumpkin by Bria MacHattie.


pumpkin 11

Scary pumpkin by Jared MacHattie.


Sullivan's Auto Service


pumpkin 13

Scary shark pumpkin by Patrick MacGillivray


pumpkin 14 and pumpkin 15

Cat pumpkin and vampire pumpkin by Lilah and Nellie Hallett (and Vincent Hallet)


pumpkin 16

Buck pumpkin by Mitchell.


pumpkin 17

Howling wolf pumpkin by Bria.


pumpkin 18

Skull on fire pumpkin by Lauren.


pumpkin 19

Ghost saying ‘BOO’ pumpkin by Angel.


DeCoste Electrical and Ventilation


pumpkin 26

“Ahhhhh! Don’t eat me!” hungry pumpkins by Greylen and Myca Ash


pumpkin 20 and 21

Happy pumpkins by Tigh and Nola DeYoung


pumpkin 22

Yoda “Hmm, Happy Halloween you must have” by Amy Harris


pumpkin 23 and 24

Happy vampire pumpkins by Bridget, Darren and Danielle Murphy


pumpkin 25

Happy pumpkin by Simon MacDonald


pumpkin 27

‘Optimus Prime is ready to roll out the treats’ by the Tate family


pumpkin 28

‘Mr.Sucker Head is feeling sweet for Halloween’ by the Tate family

pumpkin 29

Bob the minion pumpkin by Gavin Dort


pumpkin 30

Anchor pumpkin by Jenna Dort


pumpkin 31

Foster cat pumpkin by Ashlyn MacDonald


pumpkin 32

Abstract art pumpkin by Grace MacDonald (“who at 20 months old wanted to join in on the fun!”)


pumpkin 34

Charizard pumpkin by Easton Poirier


pumpkin 35-36-37-38

Demers family creations by (top to bottom): Zach, Karlie, Marcus and Clara.


pumpkin 39-40-41

Family of cat pumpkins by Hazel, Evelyn and Constance

pumpkin 42-43-44

Griffiths’ family pumpkins


pumpkin 45

Pumpkin in the Emerg. by St. Martha’s ER 🙂


pumpkin 46

Kitty and Owl pumpkins by Jase Melanson


‘E.T. phone home’ by Aimee


Would you like to enter the contest too? CLICK HERE for the details.

Pumpkin Carving Contest logos


Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

pumpkins carved

Ready to carve some pumpkins? Country Parent is hosting a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest. Send me a picture of your creepy creation for a chance to win wonderful prizes.

The pumpkins will not be judged. I believe that all pumpkins are beautiful in their own unique way, so instead, I will draw the names of 3 lucky winners.


To Enter the Draw

1. CARVE a pumpkin between now and October 30, 2018

2. SUBMIT your pumpkin photo* by email to by October 30, 5:00 pm.  Email must include “Pumpkin Carving Contest” in the subject line. Please include your location (e.g. town or county) and a short title for your pumpkin in the email as well.

3. LIKE & FOLLOW the Country Parent FACEBOOK PAGE

*NOTE: Photos will be featured on the Country Parent Blog. Participants names will not be included in photo descriptions if requested. Contest is open to NS Quad Counties residents only.

And to increase your chances for winning…

Here’s how you can get up to 6 additional entries for the draw:

1. Comment on this post, below.
2. Share this post (through Facebook and/or Tweet)
3. Follow @countryparent on INSTAGRAM
4. Follow @countryparent on TWITTER
5. Follow @countryparent on PINTEREST
6. Sign up with Country Parent – this also helps me contact you directly if you win, especially if you do not use social media
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pumpkins carved


The draw will take place October 30, 2018 at 7:00pm EST.

The lucky winners will be announced on the Country Parent Facebook page and/or contacted by email (with 24 hours to respond).


Browse through all the photos HERE. Draw prizes are generously donated by:


 $25 gift card from Dairy Queen

Dairy_Queen logo


 $25 gift card from The Wheel Pizza

the wheel pizza country parent


$25 voucher from Subway



$25 voucher from Pita Pit




$25 voucher from Goji’s

Goji logo

Browse through all the contestant photos HERE.

Good Luck!


Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018 poster

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure Halloween Costume

stickman stick figure glow in the dark

I’m not sure who came up with the Halloween stick man idea originally (too many references online), but if you are looking for a quick and cheap DIY costume, this is a cool last minute option.


Making a glow-in-the-dark stick figure costume is very simple.


Here’s what you’ll need:

♦ 8 long glow sticks (or 16-18 short glow sticks, depending on the body height)
Side note: you can use glow-in-the-dark tape instead or glow sticks

♦ Clear packing tape

♦ Dark clothing

stickman materials


♦ Tape glow sticks along limbs on the dark clothing.

♦ Use the connectors that come in the glow stick package to make a circle for the head.

♦ To secure the circle, tape it on the T-shirt’s collar.

stickman materials 3

stickman materials 2

stickman materials head


This fun stickman costume takes only 5 minutes to make and costs about $4.00!


stickman stick figure glow in the dark

Click below to view the stick man in motion



Isn’t this neat?

Create your own stick figures this Halloween or even an entire stick figure family 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Glow-in-the-dark Stick figure costume pin

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Halloween Brownie Critters

Halloween Brownie Critters

halloween brownie critters


If you are looking for last minute ideas for fun treats that your kids can make, check out these Halloween brownie critters. They are adorable and easy to prepare.




Here’s how you can make them too.


You will need:

◊ Small round brownies (I used the PC Blue Menu Two-bite mini brownies)

◊ Flat cookies (I chose the Dare dipped cookies. The detailed lines resemble bat wing fingers).

◊ Pretzels

◊ Candy eyeballs

◊ Icing

halloween brownie critters 1


For the six-legged spiders


Gently break off the rounded parts of 3 pretzels

Insert 3 pretzel pieces on each side of the brownie.

Add icing on the back of the candy eyeballs and glue them on to the brownie

halloween brownie critters

halloween brownie critters

halloween brownie critters

For the brownie bats

Carefully break one cookie in half

Insert each half on both sides of the brownie

Add icing on the back of the candy eyeballs and glue them on to the brownie

Draw fangs on the bat’s face, using the icing

halloween brownie critters

halloween brownie critters

Halloween brownie creepers


Use peanut-free brownies and cookies to include these cute treats in school lunches.


Halloween brownie critters

halloween brownie critters

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Brownie Critters pin

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Homemade Halloween Chocolate Candy


Homemade Halloween Chocolate Candy

Halloween chocolate candy

Celebrate Halloween this year by making your own spooky chocolate candy.

A simple way to do this is to use Halloween themed silicone ice trays as chocolate moulds.

The recipe for these melt-in-your-mouth treats requires only two ingredients: chocolate and sweetened condensed milk! All other add-ins are optional.


Here’s what you’ll need:


◊ Halloween themed ice trays (I found these ice trays at the Superstore for $2.00!)

◊ Parchment paper (or wax paper)

chocolate molds 1


◊ 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (or milk chocolate chips)

◊ 1/2 cup butterscotch chips

◊ 1/2 cup white chocolate chips

◊ 1 can sweetened condensed milk

◊ White icing (for decoration, optional)

◊ 1/4 cup red glace cherries, a.k.a candied cherries (optional)



To make plain chocolates, prepare the semi-sweet chocolate chip mixture. For the marble chocolates, prepare two separate mixtures of your choice.


For the semi-sweet chocolate mixture

♦ In a medium glass bowl or glass measuring cup, combine the semi-sweet chocolate chips with 1/2 cup condensed milk.

♦ Microwave for 30-45 seconds, until bubbly.

♦ Mix with a spoon. Place bowl or measuring in a bowl containing hot water, in order to prevent the mixture from hardening.

Halloween chocolate candy 5

For the butterscotch mixture

In a small glass bowl, combine the butterscotch chips with 1/4 cup condensed milk.

Microwave for 20-30 seconds, until bubbly.

Mix with a spoon. Place container in a bowl half-full of hot water, in order to prevent the mixture from hardening.


For the white chocolate mixture

In a small glass bowl, combine the white chocolate chips with 1/4 cup condensed milk.

Microwave for 20-30 seconds, until bubbly.

Mix with a spoon. Place container in a bowl half-full of hot water, in order to prevent the mixture from hardening.


Making the marble chocolate pumpkin candy (with cherries)

♦ Spray a thin layer of cooking spray inside each mold to prevent the chocolate from sticking to the silicone.

♦ Add a small amount of white chocolate mixture in the bottom of the mould.

halloween chocolate candy

♦ Add a bit of semi-sweet chocolate mixture on top

♦ Insert the cherries

Halloween chocolate candyHalloween chocolate candy

♦ Add a dollop of the chocolate mixture on top to cover the cherries.

halloween chocolate candy

♦ Place a piece of parchment paper (or wax paper) over top and press down firmly to allow for the mixture to penetrate the creases of the mould shape at the very bottom.


chocolate molds

♦ Slide the back of a butter knife over the parchment paper to remove any remaining bubbles at the top of the mould.

chocolate molds

♦ Slowly remove the parchment paper.

♦ Carefully remove overflowing mixture from the sides.

chocolate molds

Halloween chocolate candy

♦ Place in refrigerator.

♦ Let set for 3 hours or overnight.

♦ Gently pop the chocolates out of the mould.

Halloween chocolate candyHalloween chocolate candyhalloween chocolate candy with cherries

Making the spiders & spider web chocolate candy

Using the same technique as shown above, fill the web candies.

Add a bit of butterscotch in the spider moulds to highlight the insect.

Halloween chocolate candyHalloween chocolate candyHalloween chocolate candyHalloween chocolate candyHalloween chocolate candy

For an added touch, decorate the chocolates with icing, by tracing some of the details of the candy, as shown here with the spider webs.

Halloween chocolate candy

halloween chocolate candy


Halloween chocolate candy Halloween chocolate candy

Hope you have fun making similar Halloween treats 🙂

Homemade Halloween Candy pin

Venus Flytrap Halloween Terrarium


We were lucky enough this year to purchase a few Venus flytrap plants from our local grocery store.

The plants are small, only about 3 inches high. Nonetheless, they have a mesmerizing prehistoric look to them and are fascinating to watch while they trap their prey.



The kids enjoy feeding them all sorts of insects and to be honest I think these are the coolest plants ever!


Seeing that we love our new house pets, instead of just keeping them by the window sill, we decided to provide them with a special oasis worthy of their wickedness. We built them their own spooky terrarium.

Here’s how you can incorporate these fascinating carnivorous plants in your own Halloween decor too.



♦ Large glass bowl or vase (any shape)

♦ Plastic eyeballs
We found a headband with eyeballs that fit perfectly in our bowl.

♦ Plastic creepy crawlies and other Halloween decorations

♦ Potting soil
Make sure you choose a multi-use potting mix for tropical plants, a blend of peat moss, sand and perlite. Since Venus flytrap plants are carnivores, they get most of their nutrients from the insects they digest, so they do not need the extra nutrients found in regular potting soil. In fact to much nutrients will kill them!

♦ Moss
If you can’t find any in your back yard, you can purchase a small bag of green moss from the Dollar store.

venus flytrap halloween terrarium materials


♦ Start by placing the eyeballs at the bottom of the bowl.

♦ Then add potting soil on top.

♦ Plant the Venus flytrap plants in the soil.

venus flytrap halloween terrarium eyeballs in bowl

venus flytrap halloween terrarium eyeballs and soil

♦ At this point, surround the plants with the moss for a bog-like environment, to mimic their natural habitat.


venus flytrap halloween terrarium eyeballs soil and peat moss

♦ Add small Halloween decorations on top, like large insects, plastic pumpkins, skulls, skeletons, bats, etc.

venus flytrap halloween terrarium

Place the terrarium in an area with plenty of sunlight.

Water the plants with rain water or filtered water, as regular tap water contains more minerals then the plant can handle.

venus flytrap halloween terrarium

venus flytrap halloween terrarium display

Click here to view a short DIY video of this craft!


Featured on


Venus flytrap Halloween terrarium


venus flytrap eating child joke


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Going Teal For Halloween?

Going Teal For Halloween?

teal Halloween pumpkin

You will likely notice more teal pumpkins at the front doorstep of houses this year.

The Teal Pumpkin Project® has become a worldwide movement! The program was launched as a campaign in 2014 and has been steadily growing since.

The goal is to create a safer and all-inclusive Halloween for children who have food allergies.

Whenever you see a teal pumpkin in front of a house, this means that the owner is offering an alternative option to edible treats (e.g. small Halloween toys, stickers, pencils, glow sticks, etc.).

To take part in this movement, simply place a teal pumpkin outside your doorstep.

You can purchase a teal pumpkin or just paint one yourself.

Roll up your sleeves… let’s get creative!

We made a melted crayon pumpkin design. You can make one too.



♦ Teal color paint & paint brush, or teal color spray paint

♦ Wax crayon pieces

♦ Glue

♦ Hair dryer



♦ Paint the pumpkin and let dry for 10 min. You can accelerate this process by drying the pumpkin with the hair dryer, on low heat.

♦ Glue the wax crayons on top of the pumpkin, around the stem.

♦ Let dry for 10 minutes.

♦ Position the hair dryer about 1 inch above the pumpkin and melt the crayons using high heat. The wax will start to drip down the side of the pumpkin.




If you don’t have time to make a teal pumpkin, you can place a promotional sign on your door. Free printouts are available through the Teal Pumpkin Project® website. Here’s an example:


And, if you do chose to participate you can even place your home address or home town on their website’s interactive map.



teal Halloween pumpkin




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Venus Flytrap Halloween Terrarium