Venus Flytrap Halloween Terrarium

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We were lucky enough this year to purchase a few Venus flytrap plants from our local grocery store.

The plants are small, only about 3 inches high. Nonetheless, they have a mesmerizing prehistoric look to them and are fascinating to watch while they trap their prey.

The kids enjoy feeding them all sorts of insects and to be honest I think these are the coolest plants ever!

Seeing that we love our new house pets, instead of just keeping them by the window sill, we decided to provide them with a special oasis worthy of their wickedness. We built them their own spooky terrarium.

Here’s how you can incorporate these fascinating carnivorous plants in your own Halloween decor too.


♦ Large glass bowl or vase (any shape)

♦ Plastic eyeballs
We found a headband with eyeballs that fit perfectly in our bowl.

♦ Plastic creepy crawlies and other Halloween decorations

♦ Potting soil
Make sure you choose a multi-use potting mix for tropical plants, a blend of peat moss, sand and perlite. Since Venus flytrap plants are carnivores, they get most of their nutrients from the insects they digest, so they do not need the extra nutrients found in regular potting soil. In fact to much nutrients will kill them!

♦ Moss
If you can’t find any in your back yard, you can purchase a small bag of green moss from the Dollar store.


♦ Start by placing the eyeballs at the bottom of the bowl.

♦ Then add potting soil on top.

♦ Plant the Venus flytrap plants in the soil.

♦ At this point, surround the plants with the moss for a bog-like environment, to mimic their natural habitat.

♦ Add small Halloween decorations on top, like large insects, plastic pumpkins, skulls, skeletons, bats, etc.

Place the terrarium in an area with plenty of sunlight.

Water the plants with rain water or filtered water, as regular tap water contains more minerals then the plant can handle.

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