Chocolate Daddy Long-legs Decorations

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Interested in making your Halloween drinks a little bit creepier?

Dress up your hot chocolate or other drinks with these fun decorations sure to impress your little ones. Try this super easy method to make chocolate daddy long-legs and spiderweb decorations.



♦ dark chocolate chips

♦ squeeze bottle

♦ wax paper

♦ mug

♦ hot chocolate



♦ Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or double boiler

♦ Mold a piece of wax paper to the rim of the mug

♦ Add the melted chocolate in the squeeze bottle

♦ Create the daddy long-legs spider by making a circle of chocolate in the center of the wax paper, then filling it in with more chocolate to create the body.

♦ Add 4 legs to each side of the body. Make sure that the spider legs fold over the edge of the mug, so that they are hugging the rim. This will allow for the spider to stay in place on top of the mug.

♦ Finally, add the candy googly eyes on the spider.


halloween chocolate spider country parent 1 copy

halloween chocolate spider country parent 5 copy

halloween chocolate spider country parent 2 copy


♦ Refrigerate for 5 minutes, or until the chocolate hardens

♦ Carefully detach the spider from the wax paper

♦ Place hot chocolate in mug and add the chocolate spider on top.


halloween chocolate spider country parent 4 copy

Feeling creative?

Using the same technique, create other designs, like this white chocolate spiderweb.

chocolate spiderweb countryparent 1 copy

chocolate spiderweb countryparent 2 copy

chocolate spiderweb countryparent 4 copy


or bats and even simple words…

halloween chocolate mug decorations 2


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