World Oceans Day event at the StFX Biology dept.



The StFX Biology Dept. was delighted to welcome more than 400 people to the World Oceans Day event held on June 11.




This year’s World Oceans Day theme was ‘Our Oceans, Our Future’ with an action focus of

Encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future”

Events were organized all over the world, with a high concentration in the Atlantic regions.

World Oceans Day events mapWorld Oceans Day events map NS


So let’s talk about the event…

First I would like to thank ALL the amazing volunteers who made it happen!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Leah Rogers for helping organize the event and the numerous displays.

leah rogers

Leah Rogers, Senior Lab Instructor in Biology


Lab instructor Katelyn MacNeil for looking after all the live organisms and organizing the seaweed collection.

algae collection

Katelyn MacNeil collecting Chondrus crispus, commonly called Irish moss (Tor Bay, NS, photo by Maryann Burbidge)

katelyn macneil

Katelyn MacNeil sharing her knowledge on sea urchins


Meredith Karcz and lab instructor Maryann Burbidge for also helping with the seaweed collection.


Meredith Karcz collecting seaweed in Tor Bay, NS (photo by Maryann Burbidge)


(photo by Maryann Burbidge)


Maryann Burbidge talking about the importance of corals (photo by Leah Rogers)

katelyn and meredith

Katelyn MacNeil and Meredith Karcz


Guest participants included Northern NS Coastal Stewardship Biologist with Bird Studies Canada, Rielle Hoeg, who talked about the importance of the Piping Plover Conservation Program.


StFX Co-op student Sam Gan from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO, Gulf of NS) shared information about the DFO and its role in the Atlantic provinces.


Nicole Haverkort from the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management representing the Antigonish and Guysborough Counties talked about litter prevention.



Alyssa Armstrong, student intern with the Canadian Coast Guard College spoke about the role of the Sydney Coast Guard in keeping the waterways safe.


(photo by Leah Rogers)

Justin Gregg, StFX Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Associate with the Dolphin Communication Project who ahred his knowledge on behaviour, communication and cognition.

justin gregg

And finally, all the volunteers looking after the different stations…

Molly Crosby

Molly Crosby looking after the sea anemone touch-tank

sydney silver

Sydney Silver at the live sea star station (photo by Leah Rogers)

Amelia MacKenzie at the stingrays, skates and shark station

hannah stevens

Hannah Stevens talking about the importance of plankton


Research Associate Sonja Ehlers sharing her knowledge on barnacles and a variety of crabs


Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson showing the blue lobster (photo by Leah Rogers)


meredith karczMeredith Karcz talking about seaweedmeredith

Ella Maltby

Ella Maltby at the fossils station




Veronica Ells

StFX grad and currently veterinary medicine student Veronica Ells in charge of the face painting



lara westhaver

Lara Westhaver in charge of the craft station



main entrance

Jessica Popp, coordinator with the StFX Extension dept. and Emily Bornais for looking after the main floor entrance and guiding the public.



Jaelynn our volunteer tattoo artist (photo by Leah Rogers)



(photo by Kristel Fleuren-Hunter)

moiraDr. Moira Galway, Associate Professor and Chair of the Biology Dept.

regThank you all for making this event a success!

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More event pictures…


Ella and Emilia(photo by Leah Rogers) (photo by Leah Rogers)


(photo by 101.5 The Hawk)

(photo by 101.5 The Hawk)

(photo by 101.5 The Hawk)

(photo by 101.5 The Hawk)

(photo by Kristel Fleuren-Hunter)

(photo by Kristel Fleuren-Hunter)

(photo by Kristel Fleuren-Hunter)

boy(photo by Leah Rogers)


sea urchins

girl with sea star

4h group

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