Gearing Up For World Oceans Day!

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June 8 is World Oceans Day, a global ocean celebration marked by special events, exploration, awareness, education, conservation, initiatives and beach clean-ups.

This year’s theme is: Our Oceans, Our Future.



For the last three years the St. Francis Xavier University Biology Dept. has been hosting World Ocean Day events for the community. This year marks our 4th event!

On June 11 the department will open its doors for a few hours to showcase the marine touch-tanks to the public. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover and learn about marine biodiversity.

There will be much to see and ‘touch’! We promise, you won’t be disappointed 😀

So, save the date on your calendars and join us this summer. Your kids will LOVE it!


WORLD OCEANS DAY 2017 poster

This event has been registered with the World Oceans Day organization.


Click HERE for updates on activities and participating special guests 😉

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  • Mar

    As someone passionate about aquatic environments and ocean education, this is a day near and dear to my heart. This sounds like a great event! I will be celebrating on June 11 by participating in a Shoreline Cleanup.

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