About Us

Welcome to Country Parent, your online home for embracing simple country living!

At Country Parent, we believe there is something special about enjoying a lifestyle that is a little closer to nature, filled with community, and focused on cherished traditions. That’s why we create content to help parents and families across Canada and the US simplify their routine, get back to basics, and find joy in the everyday.

Encouraging Country Living

No matter where you call home, integrating country living values can nourish the soul. Things like:

  • Growing your own fresh food and cooking hearty family recipes
  • Exploring wide open natural spaces and getting back to nature
  • Disconnecting from technology overload and getting crafty
  • Building a strong local community and supporting small businesses
  • Finding wonder and living simply to reduce stress

At Country Parent, we provide the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to help you enjoy these rewarding elements of country life.

Empowering Parents and Families

Raising healthy, grounded kids starts with living intentionally as a family. We cover topics like:

  • Fun outdoor activities to do together in each season
  • Easy garden projects for getting kids into gardening
  • Hands-on crafts, recipes and science experiments
  • Fostering responsibility through chores and animal care
  • Encouraging imaginative play and curiosity

Find hundreds of ways to bond and make memories no matter where you call home.

Celebrating Community

Real community starts locally – knowing your neighbors, supporting local businesses, and joining town events. We share small-town stories and ideas like:

  • Getting to know the families and elders in your area
  • Finding volunteer activities for you or your kids
  • Shopping at farm stands, family-owned shops, and artisans
  • Attending town fairs, festivals and community classes
  • Discovering the charm and history unique to your town

Come join our community of readers who appreciate the country way of life. Explore our website for cozy inspiration, helpful tips, or just a reminder to take life a little slower. We can’t wait to simplify country living together!