Wednesday Evening Farmers Market & Thursday Farmers Breakfast in Antigonish

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by Michael Dickson

Hello there everyone! This week coming up with a blog topic was a little easier than I’m use to. With all the excitement coming from the special Olympics, the Antigonish Farmers Market decided to put our best foot forward to show our new guests exactly how amazing our local community is.

What have we done to step up our game? Well first and foremost is the decision to move ahead with our first ever Wednesday evening market!


Wednesday Evening Farmers Market: August 1st, 4:00pm to 7:00pm

We will be launching our first evening market on August 1st from 4:00 to 7:00pm. The opening comes with a large list of regular vendors as well as some new and exciting vendors that will be released in short order. This market will run every second Wednesday after that, with the exception of August 29th due to it being 4-H Day at the Antigonish Exhibition Grounds which, believe me, is well worth checking out!

It will be a great opportunity to come out pick up your mid week veggies, check out our fresh baked products, grab some supper on your way home or to check out extremely talented crafted work. This is truly an exciting time for our market and vendors as the market has truly outgrown our current size, and expansion has to happen sooner rather than later. With that being said, this expansion would not be possible without the support from the Board of the Antigonish Farmers Market, our exceptional vendors and even more importantly than that, you, the people that support our vendors and our market. Without you there would be no Antigonish Farmers Market. So for that, we all say THANK YOU!

Thursday Farmers Breakfast: August 2nd, 6:30am to 9:00am

With the expansion coming sooner rather than later we have kicked up our fund raising efforts into overdrive. We have been advertising and prepping for a great old-fashioned home-cooked Farmers Breakfast and when I say Farmers Breakfast I mean… WOW… featuring Casey’s world famous pancakes, homemade blueberry sauce from Antigonish local blueberries, delicious honey butter and amazing maple syrup produced locally. Delicious sausages, toast, tea, coffee, orange juice, chocolate milk, and milk.

Breakfast costs $10 for the full farm breakfast and $5 for the kids’ size farm breakfast. All money generated from the breakfast will go right into the fundraising for our new barn. This is an amazing cause to support local and help improve the state of local agriculture in a huge way. The new Agricultural Center is going to have a profound impact not only on the Farmers’ Market with a larger building for more amazing vendors, but there will also be an available commercial kitchen for community use. It will serve as a incubator for all kinds of new small businesses. Antigonish will become a beacon for showing all of Nova Scotia exactly what happens when a community comes together and supports our growing economy. The impact is going to be something that will be felt for years to come and for that, we at the Antigonish Farmers Market are so grateful to the community.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our Wednesday market please reach out to me, the market manager, Michael Dickson via our website, by email at or by calling 902.867.7479.

As always thank you to everyone who reads this blog, thank you for taking time out of your week to stay up to date on our current happenings at the market. Make sure to check us out online at and on Facebook at Antigonish Farmers Market Association and on Instagram @Antigonishfarmersmarket. Thank you for your continued support!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out for our first Wednesday Night Market on August 1st from 4:00-7:00pm and for our August 2nd Farmers Breakfast starting at 6:30am.

Michael Dickson, Antigonish Farmers Market Manager

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