Water bottle flipping!

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Clank!… Clank!… Clank! …every 5 seconds. That’s all you hear in most houses these days. Kids everywhere are doing this!

YouTube videos of children, teens and adults doing this have gone viral. It’s fun, harmless, takes a lot of practice, dedication and precision. It’s…

Yes, it’s the latest challenge: Flipping a water bottle.

It all started in May, when a teenager from North Carolina flipped a water bottle for his act during the high school talent show. The crowd went wild, the video went viral and children have been flipping water bottles ever since.

The story even made the news. And, yes, there’s an App for it!

The ultimate goal

Flip the water bottle in the air and make it land right side up.

The materials

My kids say that the key to a perfect bottle flip is the type of bottle and the amount of water in it.
They tested different bottle types and different water volumes. Hmmm, could this be turned into a Science project?

Turns out the best type of bottle is a 500ml Big 8 water bottle with water filled up to the 3rd line from the bottom.

The art of bottle flipping

Landing the bottle on a table, a ledge, a basketball net rim, synchronized flipping with a group of friends, the possibilities are endless. Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect! Hours of practice go into every trick, and the harder the trick the more gratifying.

Hard-core flipping

Once the flip is mastered, the next step is flipping the bottle so that it lands on its cap. Hard to do, but not impossible. It’s called capping it. So now you know what it means, when your kids jump up and down screaming: “I capped it!”

The finale

Every successful trick is followed with it a dab. In case you haven’t heard of it (although you’ve probably seen it everywhere), the dab is a dance move where one arm is raised up in the air sideways and the other arm is placed in front of the face, as if sneezing in the elbow.

I figure as I a parent I need to keep up with the lingo, so that I can keep up with my children. So, I hope this blog demystifies some of the dudespeak your children are probably using.

And although the sound of bottle flipping can be extremely annoying, let’s enjoy this simple moment for a while. I rather my kids flip water bottles, than play videogames 🙂

Happy Water Bottle Flipping!


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