Pumpkin carving contest

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Did you submit your carved Halloween pumpkin photo yet?

Enter the contest for a chance to win great prizes by The Wheel, DQ, Subway, Pita Pit  and Goji’s!

Take a look at these wonderful creations for some inspiration.

Green glowing pumpkin by Sherry & Cohen MacLean


Patches, all ready for his dentist appointment! by Katie MacDonald

Werewolf pumpkin by Katie MacDonald

Toronto Maple Leaf pumpkin by the Bell family

Angry pumpkin by Danny Hunter


Ghost pumpkin by Mackenzie Gormley

Ghost pumpkin and Jack-o-lantern by Mackenzie Gormley

Jack-o-lantern and Carrot pumpkin by the Bouchie family


Cat pumpkin by Emily Spears.

Creepy glowing pumpkin by Azel Noceja.

Happy pumpkin by Bria MacHattie.

Scary pumpkin by Jared MacHattie.

Scary shark pumpkin by Patrick MacGillivray

Cat pumpkin and vampire pumpkin by Lilah and Nellie Hallett (and Vincent Hallet)

Buck pumpkin by Mitchell.

Howling wolf pumpkin by Bria.

Skull on fire pumpkin by Lauren.

Ghost saying ‘BOO’ pumpkin by Angel.

“Ahhhhh! Don’t eat me!” hungry pumpkins by Greylen and Myca Ash

Happy pumpkins by Tigh and Nola DeYoung

Yoda “Hmm, Happy Halloween you must have” by Amy Harris

Happy vampire pumpkins by Bridget, Darren and Danielle Murphy

Happy pumpkin by Simon MacDonald

‘Optimus Prime is ready to roll out the treats’ by the Tate family

‘Mr.Sucker Head is feeling sweet for Halloween’ by the Tate family

Bob the minion pumpkin by Gavin Dort

Anchor pumpkin by Jenna Dort

Foster cat pumpkin by Ashlyn MacDonald

Abstract art pumpkin by Grace MacDonald (“who at 20 months old wanted to join in on the fun!”)

Charizard pumpkin by Easton Poirier

Demers family creations by (top to bottom): Zach, Karlie, Marcus and Clara.

Family of cat pumpkins by Hazel, Evelyn and Constance

Griffiths’ family pumpkins

Pumpkin in the Emerg. by St. Martha’s ER 🙂

Kitty and Owl pumpkins by Jase Melanson

‘E.T. phone home’ by Aimee

Would you like to enter the contest too? CLICK HERE for the details.

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