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by Sherise Pettipas

Earlier this month, while preparing to start our back-to-school shopping, Mackenzie asked what we were going to do with all the school supplies we were buying. I told her that I wanted to buy them now while they were on sale. She then asked “Can we get some to donate to the school as well?”. I said “sure”, and as we browsed she asked if she could get a couple backpacks to donate as well. I agreed. So we came home with two backpacks full of school supplies to be donated.

Later that evening she asked if I thought she could get more backpacks to donate. She also asked if I could create a Facebook page to fundraise a backpack project she wished to call Kenzie’s Backpacks. The idea just grew from there.

Mackenzie has participated in a few charitable programs in the past, but nothing of quite this size, or on her own initiative. When asked why she wanted to do this she stated:

“I know there are people who can always use help. I like to help people. Especially children like me.”

Kenzie’s Backpacks is about filling backpacks from grade primary to grade 12. We have had a ton of support so far and have surpassed our original goal of 20 backpacks. We need everything from scribblers and loose leafs, to math sets and binders. The more bags we can fill the better!

There is a school supply drive organized for Friday, August 17th at the Antigonish Education Centre parking lot.

As a guideline, here are some items we are looking for to fill more backpacks:

The backpacks are available to children in the Antigonish area, Town and County, as well as neighboring communities.

You can reach us via Facebook @Kenzie’s Backpacks and be assured that all messages will remain confidential!

Sherise 🙂

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