The Top 80 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2023

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The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about how to stuff those stockings! Finding fun and affordable small gifts to fill everyone’s stockings can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate list of the best stocking stuffers for 2023.

These 80 stocking stuffers range from practical to quirky gifts that will delight holiday lovers of all ages. Continue reading for great ideas at every budget to help make your holiday shopping easy and enjoyable this season.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas Earning Stocking Stuffer Potential

Stocking stuffers are a beloved Christmas tradition that provide a little something special for your family and friends on the big day. It’s a chance to give fun, useful items that bring extra joy when unwrapped along with presents on Christmas morning.

When choosing stocking stuffers, it’s helpful to consider the receiver’s interests and personality. But these ideas cover a wide range of gifts suitable for Canadians young and old. Keep reading for unique stocking stuffer ideas that will wow everyone on your gift list this holiday season!

Top Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Start with stocking stuffer ideas tailored to the grown-ups on your list this Christmas:

1. Reusable Lip Balm Tins

Canadian winters are harsh on lips. Give the gift of smooth, moisturized lips with a reusable tin filled with moisturizing lip balm. Tins from Burt’s Bees or Chapstick contain natural ingredients and come infused with a variety of flavors.

2. Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are ideal stocking stuffers to help grown-ups relax and unwind during the busy holidays. Choose coloring books with Canadian themes like beautiful mountain landscapes or winter scenes.

3. Infuser Water Bottle

Infuser water bottles allow you to add sliced fruit or herbs to flavor your water. This is a thoughtful way to encourage hydration and cut down on sugary drinks. Look for BPA-free bottles in fun colors.

4. Cozy Beanie or Scarf

Warm accessories like beanies and scarves make practical stocking stuffers for Canadians braving cold winters. Pick neutral colors or bold patterns to match individual styles.

5. Set of Sheet Masks

Give the gift of a little pampering with a set of hydrating and nourishing sheet masks, like these botanical masks from Garnier. Tuck them into a stocking to promote relaxation.

6. Portable Phone Charger

A portable USB phone charger is a handy stocking stuffer for Canadians on the go. Look for a slim yet high-capacity charger that’s easy to toss into a bag or pocket.

7. Coffee or Hot Chocolate Sampler

For the coffee or hot chocolate lover, give them a variety to sample like Tim Hortons coffee pods or gourmet hot chocolate mix packets. Sweeten the deal with a holiday mug.

8. Socks

Everyone can use another pair of cozy socks during cold Canadian winters! Choose warm wool socks or funny printed socks to bring smiles on Christmas day.

9. Candle

Ring in the holidays with festive scented candles, like cedar, pine, or cinnamon. Pick a mini candle size that fits nicely into a stocking. Add a box of matches.

10. Metal Straws

Reusable metal or silicone straws make great sustainable stocking stuffers. Pick fun colors and include a cleaning brush.

Top Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Kids and Teens

Now for great stocking stuffer ideas tailored for younger family members:

11. Squishy Toy

These silly squishy animal or food toys are perfect for little hands and provide sensory stimulation. Choose colorful stackable squishies to encourage imagination.

12. Bubbles

Kids love bubbles! Add a bottle of bubbles and blow wand into their stocking for active play. Pick giant bubbles or zinc-free formulas.

13. Sticker Book

Sticker books provide hours of entertainment for kids who love to stick. Opt for reusable sticker books with Canadian themes like hockey, animals, or landscapes.

14. Silly Putty

Silly putty is a classic stocking stuffer to keep kids occupied. This fun moldable, stretchable toy inspires creativity.

15. Flashlight

A mini flashlight equips little ones for adventures andReading under the covers. Look for kid-friendly flashlights with fun colors.

16. Yo-Yo

The yo-yo is a timeless stocking stuffer that boosts hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Grab a pack of plastic yo-yos in bright colors.

17. Slime or Goo

For sensorial fun, add slime or goo to their stocking! DIY slime kits teach STEM skills too.

18. Mini Puzzle

Mini puzzles around 50 pieces are perfect for stuffing in a stocking. They develop logical thinking and motor skills.

19. Playdough

Squishy, moldable playdough inspires open-ended creativity. Choose festive holiday-themed playdough sets to start.

20. Mini Coloring Set

Mini coloring sets with crayons, markers or colored pencils bring artistic fun. Pick a Canadian-themed one like this woodland animals coloring set.

21. Books

Books make ideal stocking stuffers! Choose storybooks or activity books based on their interests and reading level.

22. Card Game

Entertain kids on road trips or holidays with a portable card game such as Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or Slapjack.

23. Hair Accessories

Basic hair ties may seem like an obvious stocking stuffer for teens, but add some fun with metallic hair clips, scrunchies, headbands or hair chalk too!

24. Nail Polish

Sparkly nail polish in trendy colors lets teens give themselves a mini makeover. Add nail files, stickers and glitter too.

25. Bath Bombs

Help teens relax with fizzy bath bombs in festive holiday scents and colors.

Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Along with fun trinkets, stockings are the perfect place to stash practical items family and friends can use every day:

26. Hand Sanitizer

Small hand sanitizer spray or gel bottles are must-have pocket-sized stocking stuffers during cold and flu season.

27. Hand Cream

Counter dry winter skin with a mini travel-size hand cream like this super-hydrating one from L’Occitane.

28. Chapstick

Chapped lips are common in Canada’s cold climate. Add lip balms from Blistex, Burts Bees, or other brands to soothe dry skin.

29. Lotion Bar

Lotion bars provide concentrated moisturizing power in a solid, mess-free bar. Drop one in each stocking to hydrate hands and body.

30. Reusable Tote Bag

Reusable tote bags make eco-friendly stocking stuffers. Pick fun designs teens or adults will want to show off.

31. Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is something most people can use but may not think to purchase. Choose pretty, decorated ones.

32. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible silicone water bottles are ultra portable stocking stuffers to keep recipients hydrated on the go. Clip it to a purse or bag.

33. Keychain Flashlight

Tiny LED flashlights that clip onto keys are endlessly useful. Add an extra battery too.

34. Multitool

A compact multitool equips recipients for minor repairs and tasks on the fly. Look for credit card-sized options.

35. Fidget Toy

Fidget toys can help restless minds focus and relax. Discreet keychain-sized ones make thoughtful stocking stuffers.

Fun and Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Now for quirky, outside-the-box stocking stuffer ideas that will surprise and delight your loved ones:

36. Temporary Tattoos

Surprise tweens and teens with cool temporary metallic tattoos. Let their inner rebel rock some ink for the holidays!

37. Mini Magic Growing Capsules

Drop one of these magic growing capsules into water and watch animal sponges or dinosaurs expand and take shape! Fun edible options exist too.

38. Mini Lego Set

Mini Lego sets with around 30 pieces equip builders to construct festive holiday creations like Christmas trees, snowmen or holiday trains!

39. Fortunes or Affirmation Cards

Share inspirational messages with spiritual fortune cookies or affirmation cards tucked inside their stocking.

40. Glowsticks

Activate glowstick bracelets and necklaces for festive illumination Christmas night. They’re a party in your pocket!

41. Socks Box

A box with quirky printed socks, like sushi socks, hot dog socks or funky face socks adds fun and personality.

42. Coffee Scrub

Pamper a coffee lover with an exfoliating coffee scrub for silky skin. Add a Starbucks gift card too.

43. UNO Deck

UNO is portable enough for stockings and endless fun for family game time. Toss in a travel deck.

44. Key Finder

Key finders attach to keys and sync to a remote control or smartphone app to help locate lost items with a beep.

45. Personal Safety Alarm

A mini personal safety alarm that clips to a bag or keychain can give loved ones peace of mind if they walk alone or at night.

46. Virtual Assistant

Pop a Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot into a techie’s stocking for handy hands-free help around the home.

47. External Charger

Rejuvenate any old phone with an external charger case that provides a backup battery boost.

48. Mini Flashlight

Compact mini keychain flashlights orLED candles provide portable lighting.

49. Insulated Lunch Bag

Mini insulated lunch bags by brands like PackIt allow packing snacks or lunches to stay cold for hours.

50. Reusable Straw Set

Help reduce plastic with a reusable bamboo, glass, or metal straw set.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Travelers

For frequent flyers, road trippers or commuters, these stocking stuffer ideas will make time spent in transit more enjoyable:

51. Sleep Mask

Block light for a snooze anywhere with a contoured sleep mask. Look for soft microfiber or silk options.

52. Compression Socks

Boost circulation on long flights or drives with compression socks. Choose fun patterns and colors.

53. Neck Pillow

Inflatable neck pillows support naps in transit in cars, trains or planes. This is a travel necessity!

54. Luggage Tags

Cute luggage tags in bright colors help identify bags at a glance. Add funny travel quotes for a smile.

55. TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag

Help frequent flyers stay organized with TSA-friendly clear toiletry bags for carry-on luggage.

56. Passport Holder

Protect that passport from wear and tear with a leather or faux leather passport holder. Monogram it for a personalized touch.

57. Anti-Theft Bag Insert

Anti-theft inserts to protect belongings from pickpockets make great universal stocking stuffers for jetsetters.

58. Earplugs

Sleep soundly in noisy places with discreet earplugs. Choose moldable silicone or foam options.

59. Luggage Scale

Ensure carry-ons aren’t overweight with a compact digital luggage scale that fits in a pocket or purse.

60. Bottle Opener

A pocket-sized stainless steel bottle opener comes in handy wherever bottles need opening!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Foodies

For the friend or family member with a hearty appetite, fill their stocking with edible treats and handy kitchen tools:

61. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup makes for a sweet taste of Canada! Look for small bottles from Canadian brands like Maple Leaf.

62. Hot Sauce

Spice fiends will relish hot sauces and spice rubs tucked in their stocking. Pick Canadian hot sauce makers.

63. Mini Mason Jar Mixes

DIY spice blends, tea, and drink mixes in mini mason jars make fun edible stocking stuffers. Add cute tags with recipes and instructions.

64. Insulated Can Cooler

Keep drinks cold with an insulated can cooler. Pick festive holiday designs.

65. Herb Scissors

Mini herb scissors for snipping fresh herbs and greens right over meals are perfect for stockings.

66. Tea Infuser

Loose tea aficionados will appreciate a stainless steel tea infuser for steeping flavorful cups.

67. Silicone Baking Mat

Reusable silicone baking mats are a baker’s best friend. Roll it up to stuff in a stocking.

68. Coffee Stirrers

Keep things festive with holiday-themed reusable coffee stir sticks, like candy cane stirrers.

69. Wine Stopper

Preserve wine overnight with a decorative wine stopper cork. Add it to any wine lover’s stocking.

70. Cocktail Rimming Seasoning

Rim glasses like a pro with flavored cocktail rimming seasoning blends, like chili-lime.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Health and Wellness:

Promote self-care with these wellness-focused stocking stuffer ideas:

71. Bath Bombs

Treat someone to luxurious fizzy bath bombs from Lush or other all-natural brands.

72. Facialsheet masks

Hydrating sheet masks give skin a boost of radiance. Pick sets with different formulas to sample.

73. Lip Scrub

Bumpy dry lips get smoothed with an exfoliating lip scrub, like these yummy sugar scrubs from The Body Shop.

74. Exercise Resistance Bands

Compact exercise resistance bands help Canadians stay strong and fit year-round.

75. Yoga Socks

Cute grippy yoga socks provide a slip-free foundation for at-home yoga and exercise.

76. Essential Oil Rollers

Aromatherapy essential oil roller balls can be applied to pressure points for calming or energizing benefits.

77. Herbal Tea Sampler

A variety of soothing herbal teas helps promote relaxation during hectic holidays.

78. Bath Salts

Unwind sore muscles in a hot bath enhanced with fizzy bath salts.

79. Hand Warmer Packs

Reusable snap-to-activate hand warmer packs come in handy for frigid weather.

80. Mini First Aid Kit

Tuck a mini first aid kit in stockings to equip cars, bags or homes for minor cuts and scrapes.

Here Are A Few More For Good Measure

Couldn’t get enough holiday inspiration? Here are a handful more one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer ideas to consider:

  • An essential oil diffuser necklace lets you enjoy your favorite essential oil wherever you go. Choose from scents like lavender, lemon or peppermint to promote relaxation or an energizing boost.
  • Kids will love these DIY bath bomb kits that let them whip up fizzy colorful bath bombs in their choice of scents.
  • This flashing strobe light keychain is perfect for anyone who likes to stand out. The LED strobe light will make walking the dog at night safer too.
  • For luxury on a budget, this set of six sheet masks contains avocado, aloe, snail mucus and other indulgent formulas to give their skin a little TLC. This one is a bit more luxurious.
  • Keep teens and adults entertained on the go with a mini card game like ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ that prompts meaningful conversations.
  • A gift box filled with an assortment of Global candy flavours from around the world is a tasty way to satisfy their sweet tooth without breaking the bank.
  • Thrill any stargazer with a mini telescope to explore constellations up close from the comfort of home.

So there you have it – even more unique and affordable stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your gift list this year!


Q: What are the best stocking stuffer ideas for 2023?

A: The best stocking stuffer ideas for 2023 include reusable straw, hand sanitizer, coloring book, beanie, bracelet, lip balm, card game, sheet mask, keychain, and hair tie.

Q: What makes a stocking stuffer a good gift?

A: A good stocking stuffer is small enough to fit in a stocking, affordable, and something that the recipient will actually use or enjoy.

Q: Are there any stocking stuffer ideas specifically for adults?

A: Yes, some stocking stuffer ideas for adults include a personal safety alarm, essential oil diffuser, adult coloring book, lip balm, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and a gift box.

Q: Can you suggest some great stocking stuffer ideas for kids?

A: Sure! Some great stocking stuffer ideas for kids are coloring books, card games, hair ties, bracelets, beanies, and earring sets.

Q: Are there any stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers?

A: Yes, for toddlers, you can consider stocking stuffer ideas such as stuffed animals, board books, bath toys, and small puzzles.

Q: Where can I find a gift guide for stocking stuffer ideas?

A: You can find a gift guide for stocking stuffer ideas on various websites and blogs that provide holiday shopping guides. Good Housekeeping often publishes a comprehensive gift guide for stocking stuffers.

Q: Can stocking stuffers be individually wrapped?

A: Yes, stocking stuffers can be individually wrapped to add an element of surprise and excitement for the recipient.

Q: Can you give me some tips on how to choose the best stocking stuffers?

A: To choose the best stocking stuffers, consider the recipient’s interests and hobbies, think about items they would use or enjoy, and look for small, affordable items that fit in a stocking.

Q: Are there any cheap stocking stuffers that are still great gifts?

A: Yes, there are plenty of cheap stocking stuffers that make excellent gifts, such as small beauty products, novelty items, keychains, mini games, and small accessories.

Q: Can I give one big stocking stuffer instead of multiple small ones?

A: Absolutely! While traditional stocking stuffers are small items, there’s no rule against giving one larger, more substantial stocking stuffer if it fits within the spirit of the holiday.

Stock Their Stocking with the Best Gifts

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking fun stocking stuffers! Hopefully these 80 ideas offer inspiration to help stuff each lucky recipient’s stocking with gifts tailored just for them.

Pay attention to each person’s hobbies, interests and habits to select thoughtful trinkets. Mix in classic nostalgic toys, handy tools, indulgent treats, or simple pleasures to brighten up the holidays.

Most importantly, have fun preparing their stockings and enjoy their smiles when these surprises are unveiled Christmas morning!

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