Holiday Feather Ornaments

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Gold and silver feather ornaments are increasing in popularity this Holiday season. So why not make your own thrifty version?

feather 12

Try this simple DIY short-cut to give simple inexpensive craft feathers an elegant festive look.


• Craft feathers, any color

• Gold and silver spray paint

• Thin craft wire

feather 8


feather 9

1. Wrap a bit of craft wire around the quill of each feather and form a hook at the tip

2. Brush feather barbs with fingers against their natural direction to give them a ruffled look.

3. Spray paint both sides, including the quill

4. Hang the feathers by the hook on a dowel

5. Allow to dry for 10 minutes

feather 16
feather 15

Get creative…

Add some pizzazz to your feathers.

Spray paint them different colours. Make them two-toned, with both gold and silver or add some glitter on the tips before they dry.

feather 7
feather extra
feather 20 png
feather 19 png copy
feather on tree pin

Voila! The perfect addition to any Christmas tree.

I hope this post inspired you to make your own Holiday ornaments 😀

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Happy Decorating!

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