Last year my youngest asked me to make mookies. I honestly did not know what he was talking about…

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This simple fish soup is great for cold winter days. Easy to make and ready in 20 minutes!

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Persimmon fruit can be found in any groceries store this time of year. I bought a few the other day for 36 cents!
Not having tried it before, I was eager to taste it and incorporate it in recipes.

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Hot chocolate, a winter favorite. Although hot chocolate mix is easy to use, here are some alternatives you might want to try. These recipes are easy to make and sure to please the whole family!

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by Katie Keddy
Sweet potatoes are a vegetable that usually make a person think of one of two things – Christmas or Thanksgiving; but here in Lakeville, Nova Scotia, we are working to change that!

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by Chef Mike MacIsaac
This recipe was inspired by our love of beets. From their color to their richness in vitamins and minerals, beets are very versatile and a must have on any menu.

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by Ella Besserer and Laura Reid
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood or depression disorder. Many studies have found that changes in lifestyle and nutrition can have improve our mood…

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These Toblerone squares are easy to make and will please the whole family!

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If you like hummus, but would like to jazz it up a bit, try these easy recipes.

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This turkey stuffing recipe is packed with flavour!

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