Easter Bunny Brownies

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Looking ahead to Easter, I’m sharing this simple dessert idea your kids will love.
It’s cute and can be used to top off any brownie recipe of your choice.


A basic chocolate brownie cake or regular cake recipe (or click here for one of my recipes).12 pretzel chipsA tube of white icing (for the bunny face)Dark chocolate sprinkles (for the whiskers)

Round dark and white chocolate sprinkles (for the eyes and nose)


Prepare chocolate brownie mixture Pour cake mixture into a 9″ by 11″ rectangular panPlace the pretzels on top of the cake mixture an inch a part Bake the cake as usual Remove cake from oven and let cool completelyFill in each pretzel with the icing to form the bunny facesAdd sprinkles for the eyes, whiskers & nose

Cut between each bunny to make individual squares


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