Beeswax Wraps

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Recently, I came across reusable beeswax wraps at the Antigonish Winter Market. Sandra SwinkelsOpens in a new tab., the owner of Swinkels Bee ProductsOpens in a new tab., started making them as a natural alternative to plastic wrap.

I was thrilled to find them locally and was looking forward to trying them out. So, in case you were wondering…

What are they made of?

The wraps are made out of 100% organic cotton infused with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. All three substances are known to be natural preservatives and have antibacterial properties. The combination of the cotton fabric and the above ingredients result in a breathable storage solution.

beeswax wrap ingredients

How big are the wraps?

The general use wraps come in two sizes: 8″ x 8″ and 11″ x 11″. The sandwich wraps measure 14″ x 14″ unfolded and 5″ x7″ folded.

How do you use them?

The wraps can be used to cover bowls, jars, plates, etc. They are very malleable and simply require the warmth of your hands to adhere to the rim of containers.

beeswax wrap country parent x
beeswax wrap country parent z
beeswax wrap country parent s
beeswax wrap country parent p

They are very versatile too. You can turn them into snack bags by moulding them into a desired shape or simply use them to wrap leftover bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and moreOpens in a new tab..

beeswax wrap bread
beeswax wrap country parent t
beeswax wrap country parent q
beeswax wrap pepper
beeswax wrap country parent v

How well do they work?

I compared the two methods of food storage by wrapping two halves of an avocado, one with cling wrap and the other one with beeswax wrap.

beeswax wrap avocado

Cling wrap vs Beeswax wrap

Twenty four hours later…

beeswax wrap avocado 2

Not bad, eh?

As for the sandwich wraps, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first… I wasn’t sure if my sandwich would remain fresh until the next day, but it did!

An added bonus was the sweet aroma of beeswax. A little aromatherapyOpens in a new tab. during lunch break is always a good thing!

beeswax sandwich wrap 11
beeswax sandwich wrap 10
beeswax sandwich wrap 9
beeswax sandwich wrap 8
beeswax sandwich wrap 7 copy
beeswax sandwich wrap 6

What about care and storage?

The wrappers come with a sheet of instructions for use & care. It’s recommended to wash them with cool water and mild dish soap, otherwise the beeswax and resin might lose their adherence. And, since they cannot be cleaned with hot water, they should not to be used for storing meat.

beeswax wraps a
beeswax sandwich wrap 12

The large wrap can be stored flat, folded or rolled. I like to roll mine up and place it in a drawer to minimize storage space. The sandwich wrap can easily be stored as is.

beeswax wrap storage Kent building supplies island cart

How much do they cost?

The small wraps cost $7.00, the larger ones cost $9.00 and the sandwich wraps, $12.00. They are reusable and can last up to a year, so it’s well worth the investment.

And, although I love the bumble beeOpens in a new tab. print, there are many other beautiful and colourful prints to choose from. Here are just a few:

beeswax wrap country parent y

You can find Sandra and her line of Swinkels Bee ProductsOpens in a new tab., including the beeswax wraps, every Saturday at the Antigonish Winter MarketOpens in a new tab. or you can purchase her products onlineOpens in a new tab..

beeswax wrap d

Eco-friendly • Sustainable • Reusable • Biodegradable

Food for thought…

If you use 1 sqft of plastic wrap for one sandwich per day, then this adds up to 260 sqft per year. For a family of 4, this number translates to 1040 sqft per year. Now say you were to switch to beeswax wraps only twice per week, this automatically cuts down your plastic wrap usage by at least 40%! Not bad, considering film plastics (which include plastic wraps) have such a negative impact on the environmentOpens in a new tab. and, now more then ever, we are strongly encouraged to reduce the amount of plastic we use; think of the recent plastic bags ban implemented in Montreal and possibly in Nova Scotia in the near future.

So, if you use plastic wrap daily for your sandwiches and snacks, why not try using beeswax wraps instead? Even once a week can make a huge difference!

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