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by Michael Dickson

Hello everyone! It’s been a long two weeks since I last wrote during which I’ve had a lot of thoughts pop into my head and so I figured moving into the summer season we would put some focus on something that I truly believe helps bring people together: Food.

I am going to take this opportunity to talk about a field that has grown a lot in a short time with exciting new vendors as well as inspiring vendors who have been here for a while and who keep bringing back products of the highest quality. So fear not, if you are hungry the Antigonish Farmers Market has more than got you covered!

Back East Seafood

Back East Seafood is a new vendor at our market and is a new business just getting its legs under it. The vendors come to the market from here in Antigonish and as their name speaks they are all about the deliciousness that is seafood. When I was in the Arctic one of the few things that I missed was high quality delicious seafood. That is exactly what Back East Seafood brings to the market. Two of my favorite dishes there is the Lobster Poutine which is truly sinfully delicious and the Back East Fish & Chips. Very delicious and filling meals. If you are a seafood lover this is the place for you eat! Combine the food with the amazing people that run the truck and they have all the tools for success.

Spicy Kitchen

If you want to talk about food bringing people together, then this is a vendor that brings people together with authentic spicy food. They offer authentic Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean and East Asian Food! Ranjith comes to the market every week bringing delicious foods that people can sample. Walking away from the Spicy Kitchen is a very hard thing to do. Ranjith’s passion for providing not only an authentic experience but a filling one as well makes him one of the most popular vendors at the market. As a lover of spicy food their Butter Chicken dish is hands down one of my favorite things to eat! Spicy Kitchen is a growing vendor with a lot of passion for local. Make sure to stop by and say hello on Saturday to one of the biggest supporters of the Antigonish Farmers Market.

The Waffle Bus Stop

Do we even really need to talk about the Waffle Bus? Is there anything I can say that you don’t already know? I doubt it. Not just a staple in Antigonish they wave the flag of local first very high. I still remember the first time I went to eat there. It was a Saturday morning and I thought ‘yeah, I could go for a waffle or two for breakfast’. Well, was I in for a shock. I ordered the steak sandwich that was just melt-in-your-mouth delicious! The passion that they bring to work everyday is amazing. The unique creations that they have for sale at the bus on Saturday mornings is something to behold. I would suggest that it is well worth getting up early to get breakfast at the Market, but don’t just take my word for it come see for yourself.

Food Matters

Fresh Food Matters brings a wide variety of products to the market and beyond every week. If you are looking for a light snack, Angela’s Hummus is the best you will find. If you are looking for a delicious lunch, she offers salads of a wide variety, homemade soups, and a lot of take home foods that are an amazing option for a healthy home cooked meal without all the hassle of cooking. Good portion sizes with high quality ingredients make Food Matters one of the best options for something tasty to eat. Mix all the deliciousness together with one of the coolest personalities, Angela is a must visit vendor at the Antigonish Farmers Market.

The Rolling Bricks

One of the things that everyone talks about living in the East Coast is the best pizza. There isn’t a place in my opinion that comes close to matching the talent that the East Coast has for pizza. As such it is not as easy to find success in which is exactly what The Rolling Bricks has done. They offer not only one of the best pizza’s you will ever have but an experience that most find extremely cool to watch. They make the pizza right in front of you and cook it in a hand crafted wood fire brick oven that adds a flavor to the pizza that cannot be matched! One of the more unique vendors to attend our market.

If  you are looking for something tasty to eat anyone of these vendors will leave you more than satisfied with the food selections they bring to the market. As a growing market we are always looking for new and fun vendors to bring something unique to the market. We are very grateful to have such an amazing group of food vendors that care not only for the people that they serve but also for the product they put out. A trip to the market cannot be complete without pulling up a seat and having a taste of what the market has to offer!

That’s all that I have for this week. We look forward to seeing everyone out and about at the Market. Thank you for your continued support of the Antigonish Farmers Market and the Local Movement that matters now more than ever!

Happy shopping everyone!

Michael Dickson, Antigonish Farmers Market Manager

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